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Many U.S. home gardeners appreciate the English style rose gardens. However, when true English roses are grown here, they tend to be really tall and spiky—not well balanced at all. So the breeder, Christian Bedard worked to create a more compact, even habit that would stick to the English style flower form and style. State of Grace™ is the gorgeous result. Starting with U.S. hybridization meant this new cultivar would adapt better to our climates. It has excellent downy and powdery mildew resistance, and good all-around disease resistance. The habit is uniform, compact and rounded with flowers tidily blooming and reblooming on top. As the name describes, the transition from bud to bloom is seamless here, the flowers staying elegant throughout. The coloring is very elaborate, too. Bronzy pink outer petals stretch to reveal a gorgeous golden center, all hues blending together into a nice, soft tone. As a grandiflora, it’ll produce 3-4 of these nice large flowers in a cluster. They’ll be accompanied by a moderate fruit fragrance, and tons of the neighborhood butterflies.

  • Sun Exposure:Full Sun
  • Height/Habit:4 – 5 feet
  • Spread:4 – 5 feet
  • Spacing:5 – 6 feet
  • Hardiness Zone:4-9
  • Flowering Date:Summer
  • Planting Instructions:Dig a hole large enough to easily accommodate root structure. In cold climates, position the graft knot/crown 2 to 3 inches below ground level, in mild climates, at ground level. Place a small ‘hill’ of soil at the bottom of the hole. Place the plant at the proper height in the hole, and fill two-th
  • Flower Color:Yellow, Pink
  • Flower Form:Grandiflora. One per stem, with some clusters.
  • Foliage Type:Large clean foliage


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