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This delightful example of the texensis species is a cultivar raised by John Treasure at Treasures Nursery UK in 1980. With its little nodding bells blooming from mid summer into autumn, and tolerating sun, shade and anything in between, it is a most accommodating climber. As the sepals open, their pointed tips recurve to ressemble the roof on a Chinese pagoda – hence its name.

C. texensis ‘Pagoda’ has an elegant band of deep pink running the length of the outside of each petal down to its dainty pointed tip. When the petals open, they are recurved, upwards just like a pagoda roof and the interior is revealed as palest mauve-pink and delicately veined.

The flowers are small but numerous and the plant itself grows only to 6 to 8 feet. Its growth can be a bit spindly which makes it suitable to grow in amongst heathers. Suits containers.



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